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How to Choose the Right Dog Collar Buckles?

As a supplier of dog collars, leashes, you might be a little confused when it comes to choosing the buckles for making fashion special collars. Because there are so many buckles on the market, like adjustable side release buckles or non-adjustable side release buckles,curved buckles or flat buckles,double lock buckles or side release buckles, colorful buckles or only black buckles, metal curved buckles or plastic curved buckles, metal dog hooks, metal d rings, which type? How’s the quality? What’s the plating? Many things make you confused especially if you are new to the buckle world, there are many options, brands, designs, and materials, how could you find the correct buckles for your collars and leashes?

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The best way to pick the suitable buckles for your collars is to open and close it to listen the sound and break it to check.

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Step 1:Choose a Buckle Type

You should make sure that the collars used for how big animals?How your collars will be,easy to use?Strong holding force?Fashion,special?Then choose which kind buckles for your collars with clear intention. 1.Adjustable buckle and Non-adjustable buckle You should need to confirm the buckles adjustable or not,some collars need to adjust the length of the webbing to fit the total dimension.

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2.Double lock buckle and side release buckle

Double lock buckles are more safety,if you worry about the escaping,double lock is perfect choice.

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3.Normal design and fashion design

Some collars may need to be colorful and special,as a part of collar,of course,buckles need to be special also.

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4.Metal buckle and Plastic buckle

Some collars need to hold very strong animal,or made of leather webbing,then will need to use metal buckles.

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Step 2: Choose a Dog Collar Buckle Material

Now that you’ve narrowed down what you need for a collar buckle style,it’s time to think about the material you’d like your collar buckles to be made out of.

You may be looking for buckles purely for looks or you might be looking for durability. Here we offer dog collar buckles made of POM(plastic),and Zinc alloy(metal),which can pass European standard,friendly to the environment.High quality,the buckles are strong enough for holding animals.

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Step 3: Personalize Your Dog Collar Buckles

We always want our collars to stand our from the collars’ market,and also want them to be strong enough.A unique dog collar logo on buckles is a great way to show your personalty and spread your brand to the customers. Here are some unique dog buckle with logo,we use laser engraving to keep personality and special.

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